Thistle Honey

Thistle is a term referring to an entire family of similar-looking plants with prickly leaves and stems and cup-like purple, yellow or whitish flower heads.

Thistles are part of the larger daisy or sunflower family and are excellent sources of nectar, a characteristic that makes them ideal for honey production.

Thistle honey is dark amber in color, it has a very mild and pleasing floral taste. What makes this honey so incredible is the sweet and persistent aftertaste.

Amazing benefits of Thistle Honey:

   ✔  Antimicrobial activity
   ✔  Great for digestive health
   ✔  Protects the liver
   ✔  Good for the heart
   ✔  Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
   ✔  Source of nutrients and energizing effect

Price and availability:

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