herbatica ozonizer machine

Ozonizer Machine

Multifunctional Ionic O3

Water purifier, ionizer, multifunctional ionic ozone purifier for toys, fruits, vegetables, poultry, etc...

It provides negative ions which absorb positive particles in the air, strongly kill bacteria and eliminate pet odors, musty smells and pesticides.

herbatica ma gin

Ma Gin

The Pride of the Lebanese industry

From an altitude of more than 1,800 meters, we picked the finest types of Juniper seeds to start a new story in the field of "gin" industry.

The process of distilling Juniper beans with 13 herbs and 8 botanical distinctive Lebanese flavors will give the true taste of our homeland to the world.


herbatica cedar royal b

Cedar Royal B

Vitality, Vigor and Anti-aging

Extracted from Lebanese Flora based on heritage and customs

This product relaxes a stressed body, enhancing its immune system, while allowing better blood circulation and vitalizing the brain.

It's made from 100 % natural ingredients.